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What is Rebump?

Hate wasting time writing email follow-up messages? Use Rebump

If you are like most people, you dislike spending your valuable time writing and sending follow-up email messages to try and get people to reply to you and give you the information you need. It’s boring work and time consuming. That is why Rebump was created.

Rebump is a Gmail extension that automates the work of sending customized follow-up email messages to your email recipients to remind them to read and reply to your important email messages.

The average Rebump user reports that by using Rebump, they are able to save at least 2-hours of time per week because they no longer have to waste time writing and sending follow-up email messages. Rebump does it automatically for them.

Why not make your life easier and free up more of your valuable time by automating the task of sending email follow-up messages by using Rebump.